Volunteering at Indigo Skate Camp

We have noticed through the years how the excitement rises at our facility when foreigners arrive. Monitoring and evaluation has proven that our participants are more likely to attend our programs when volunteers are around. It's the social interaction that our children crave, the chance to say a few words in English and exchange smiles.
Our after school day care centre has many activities which volunteers can easily assist in coordinating to ensure our participants have a fun colourful afternoon.

Activities for volunteers:

  • fine art
  • music and dance
  • English empowerment sessions
  • theatre and role playing
  • gardening
  • maintaining hiking / biking trails
  • assistance with admin

On average we have approx. 5 volunteers staying with us at a time.

Only 2 Steps to take towards volunteering:

Step 1) Duration of voluntary service
Listed below are time options for your stay, starting from 1 day to 3 months.

Step 2) Application
Indigo Youth Movement requires potential volunteers to submit a brief motivational email which answers the following questions:

a) Your qualifications & past work / travel experiences.
b) What are your interests?
c) What sports do you participate in?
d) Do you play a musical instrument?
e) Why do you feel Indigo is a calling for you?

Please email these answers to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We offer bursaries to qualified volunteers who we believe will greatly improve our operations. If you wish to qualify for a bursary, please state this in your application email.

An introduction to being an Indigo Volunteer:
The following text provides a brief outline of where our organization is and how you may participate as a volunteer:

Indigo Youth Movement is our non-profit organization, which has been formed from the work of Indigo Skate Camp. After years of ground work we have refined our after school day care activities at camp, and stand now prepared to delegate responsibilities to capable volunteers. Our children are humble, respectful and hungry for your guidance. We are certain you will enjoy your interaction with the Zulu children aged between 5 and 17.

A typical day as a volunteer would be something like this:

  • 8am breakfast
  • 9am group meeting to discuss day's game plan
  • 10am general up keep around our facility, gardening to cleaning
  • 1pm lunch is served
  • 2pm general preparations for the after school activities
  • 3pm Children arrive at the camp to receive a hand full of fresh fruit and then begin the day's activities by gathering on the ramp for a stretching / yoga class.
  • 4pm Food and fresh fruit juice is served
  • 4:15pm Children are split into groups according to age / learning ability and convene in designated areas for instruction from Indigo staff / volunteers.
  • 5pm Free skating / fun and games
  • 5:30pm Children encouraged to return home before dark falls.

Rates for Indigo volunteers:

  • 1 day / night – R 200
  • Includes overnight accommodation breakfast & lunch.
  • 1 week – R 1 200
  • 1 month – R 3 500
  • 3 months – R 9 000

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